In quarantine with Nicole Stervioski








Where in the world are you?

Dadeville, Alabama

Are you currently on lockdown?


Are you alone, or with others?

I am with my boyfriend, Brad

How are you keeping yourself busy, occupied?

Writing, taking photos, self portraits, drawing, catching up with family & friends, eating dinner, long showers, going for walks, learning French, reading and watching movies

What are you finding the easiest/most difficult aspects of social distancing, lockdown?

The easiest aspect of social distancing is probably staying at home. I love not leaving the house. The hardest part is no travel. I am a homebody but I love to travel and have new experiences. I miss my daily errands in my neighborhood and catching up with friends.

Do you have any positive thoughts on what’s happening?

I see the world slowing down. Returning to a pace I only have memories of from childhood. People are re-considering their routines and how it impacts their communities and loved ones. It feels positive that this time is directing us to consider devoting energy to things that are meaningful. Investing time and resources into less and letting these things grow / have space to grow is exciting. Learning to be thoughtful about living with stillness feels personally positive.

What new things are you learning during this time?

I am learning to be patient -- having trust in the process without feeling defeated or overwhelmed. I am trying to practice waking up grateful for all that I have and making the best of each day. I am seeing how the chance for self growth presents itself in times like these and embracing that.

In your opinion - how will this period change our lives in the future?

It seems our generation is re-evaluating their life decisions and figuring out what works and what doesn't. Leading busy lives in NYC, we often find ourselves sacrificing a quality of life. I think the idea of quality of life might be something slightly neglected when pursuing work that is meaningful to us. For me personally being forced to slow down has made some of my choices difficult to ignore in terms of access to fresh air, nature and space. I think this could cause a huge shift in cities/places where creatives are choosing to live since our lives are becoming increasingly connected via social media -- NYC no longer feels like the epicenter of the world. It is very rapidly pricing out a creative group of minds even though it's always been a wonderful place to connect and create community.

Are you planning on making any life changes when the virus eventually disappears? A new career-path, focus, or hobby?

Working on a screenplay and concepts for films. I would love to transition into more film making.

What can we do to help those suffering the most?

Listen, be kind, and take action.

What could be a new mantra to emerge from this with?

Have faith in your own destiny


Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and The Other by Osho

Feelings are Facts by Yvonne Rainer

The Highly Sensitive Person


Friday Night Main Event on com (streaming Fridays @ 10 PM EST)

Tom Petty


Les Rendez-vous d’Anna


When Harry Met Sally


Fish Tacos


Natural Wines when available

Tequila Lemonade Spritzer


Criterion Collection



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