Jenna Saraco
Nicole Steriovski

Jenna Saraco and Nicole Steriovski have struck style gold as creative partnership, Local Creative. These artists/photographers/designers/film makers and all-round visionaries spend their time producing their own work while operating as an agency lending their unique vision to brands and companies in need of artistic guidance. While Jenna spends her time predominantly behind the lense and taking the lead with art direction, Nicole is the main writer and producer that always manages to make the impossible seem possible.
Catch this couple of stylish sparks as they take us on a walk through their local park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Jenna wears our Black Silk Carmen Dress (size 1) and later on the Tusk Grey Sweater Dress in a Cashmere/ Wool blend. Nicole wears our 
Black Silk Alma Skirt and then later on Rust Kimono Coat in a warm Wool blend.



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