Our Story


We are a conscious choice.

We are sustainable, committed, and transparent. 

We are web-exclusive and locally-made.

Our designs are made with luxurious natural fabrics.

Our pieces are timeless, seasonless, and effortless.






Datura is a curated line of timeless design and effortless femininity, created for the independent women of the world. Handmade in New York, the label explores the contemporary symbiosis between the natural world and our urban lifestyles.


Datura's conscious ethos promotes slow fashion through a tightly controlled manufacturing process, in which materials and processes matter. Through a web-only distribution philosophy, Datura cultivates a direct and personal bond with the people we meet, including like-minded artists around the world, collectively drawn to alluring, versatile, and timeless pieces.


Stefania Borras, the Creative Director of Datura, grew up on the island of Mallorca, surrounded by Mediterranean beauty. Nature has always played an important part in her work, acting both as a healer in the city and as a connection we all share. After breaking from Burberry and Marithé + Francois Girbaud, Stefania started her self-titled, award-winning fashion line in Barcelona. Moving to New York in 2013, she created Datura as a brand available exclusively on the web.


 Datura blossoms at the intersection of our natural essence and the cities we inhabit — envisioning a new now and a better future through luxurious fabrics that feel like a second skin with designs that bring value, comfort, elegance and ease to our lives.










"In lieu of traditional collections, Borras introduces new capsules every few months and stocks a group of core items. Everything is produced in small batches, which cuts back on waste and leftover materials.”







"100 percent of Datura's products are made in New York out of natural, luxury fabrics. The label not only uses luxuriously soft and flowing materials like silk, but also is friendly to the environment in its production"
-W Magazine








"Thoughtful details like adjustable straps and removable tie belts enable customers to wear the styles in multiple ways."
-New York Times







"With luxurious jumpsuits, dresses and separates that can be worn multiple ways, it's a brand that appeals to women who want to shop smarter without sacrificing variety”