In quarantine with Megan West











Where in the world are you?

Carroll Gardens - Brooklyn, NY

Are you currently on lockdown?

Oh yes, Coming up on week 7 (I think). 

Are you alone, or with others?

Thankfully quarantining with my boyfriend and our dog. 

How are you keeping yourself busy, occupied?

Work, yoga, long dog walks, piano, cooking, watching 90’s movies, revisiting all the books I own.  

What are you finding the easiest, most difficult aspects of social distancing, lockdown?

The easiest part is slowing down, enjoying simple things like walking the dog, and nesting and optimizing my space with things I already own. I love to move things around frequently to give it new energy and change my perspective. The most difficult aspects have been forgoing the daily connections and participating in with my community IRL. It's also been difficult to watch small businesses that make our neighborhood what it is suffer.

Positive thoughts on what’s happening?

I do think that what we are experiencing will have a collective effect on society. A greater appreciation for small businesses, handmade things, and consuming less. Hopefully this pause is causing a lot of self reflection and how we can collectively work together to shape a better way of living and take care of our planet better. 

What new things are you learning during this time?

I am learning piano. I received a keyboard for Christmas and just learned how to by Starman by Bowie. The hobby has made me have a new appreciation for taking things slow. It’s teaching me patience in unexpected ways. 

What can we do to help those suffering the most? 

The virus has really put a spotlight on the class divide among Americans. Working remotely and learning online is not possible for everyone and some Americans can not forgo going to work every day. If you have the privilege, the best thing you can do is to stay home, follow CDC guidelines to stop the spread, that’s in your control. If you have the means, you can support the First Responders Fund for essential expenses to help fight and control the virus. If you’re able to still pay the people who dedicate time and services to you and your family, but are unable to work at this time, that helps too. 

What could be a new mantra to emerge from this with?

Less but better. 


Rereading the Artist Way. It’s been a nice meditation to write morning pages every day during this time. 


High Fidelity soundtrack (the movie) still holds up. Up First by NPR is keeping me informed every morning and Oh Hello The P’dcast is making me laugh. 


90’s movies exclusively. There is something so simple and silly about them. Binge watching tv makes me feel listless, so there is something nice about watching a 90 minute movie that is a blend of nostalgia and escape. 


Frequently! We’re lucky to have a delivery box of local produce and goods that are supporting upstate farms during this time from Remy’s local. 


Too many negronis. 


Practicing stillness and gratitude, setting the table every night and eating by candle light.

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