Camila Falquez

Born to Columbian parents in Mexico, Camila grew up across the ocean in Barcelona. It was there that we met and now, years later we are thrilled to be collaborating with her as the photographer for Datura's Member Styles in New York City Vol. II.Astute and sensitive in capturing feminine elegance, Camila's view point celebrates her subjects while also taking us on her personal journey. From spending years studying philosophy and film to moving to NYC in 2011 and landing her first job as Creative Director and Editor for Scott Schuman. From there, Camila has only progressed further and as a result she now boasts an extremely impressive portfolio ranging from long-term international fashion projects with The Sartorialist to numerous commissions for Vogue Italia, L’Officiel, Hermes, and Mango to name but a few. She now lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, balancing commissions with personal projects. A solo exhibition celebrating her inspirations and passion for travel will be announced soon and of course, we will keep you posted! In the meantime, look out for our Member Styles and Newsletters to enjoy her unique and elegant take on the Datura girls of New York City

Balthazar Klarwein

Balthazar Klarwein began his film making career directing and editing skate videos of his friends in Barcelona. Before long, his creativity and psychedelic style found him catching the eye of the fashion industry and in particular Mario Testino, with whom Balthazar worked for years as his Film/Video Technical Director. Just like Datura, he grew up on the island of Mallorca where he shot and directed our first Datura film 'Dual Forms'. Working with such an incredible talent such as Balthazar allowed us to really show what Datura is about, he perfectly captured the raw natural beauty of the island and the dream-like escapism of the story.

Click here to watch 'Dual Forms’

Mélanie Bordas Aubies

French photographer Mélanie Bordas Aubies works closely with environments, landscapes and nature and chooses her models according to their soul and personality. She is an impressive artist whose talent has been showcased via big name collaborations, book deals and exhibitions. Her vision has led her to work with Maison Martin Margiela, Levi's and Elle magazine, among others. It is however, her uncanny ability to capture through her lense the details that make life just that extra special that makes her latest collaboration with Datura an effortless match. Pictures were taken in one of her Summer'15 trips in Cabo de Gata in Almería, Spain.

Carlotta Manaigo

Carlotta Manaigo is an Italian born and raised photographer who came to the United States to study photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has collaborated with Vogue Italia, Man About Town, Dazed&Confused, and many other publications and for brands such as Sonia Rykiel, Damir Doma and Armani, working between New York City, Paris and Italy. Fascinated with nature, Manaigo uses found elements to compose her photographs, drawing from the forms of light to reveal a certain intimacy. The parallel of nature as inspiration brought Datura and Manaigo together, and resulted in PARADISO, the Silk Capsule Collection Campaign. It is a documentation of a woman exploring, moving through space and becoming a whole with the environment.

Kathy Lo

Since very early age, Kathy Lo is getting plenty of attention for her documentary-style photographs. Her pictures range from intimate shots of model Hanne Gaby Odiele at home to candid portraits of her hip friends doing things like getting naked at the Standard Hotel. She worked as the director of photography for The Journal and after that shot regularly for Id-Magazine, Supreme Management, Dazed & Confused, Vogue and
Lo, who grew up in Vancouver, moved to New York 8 years ago and now resides in a Buddhist temple in Chinatown. Her inspirations comes from artists and photographers such as Juergen Teller, Walter Pfeiffer and Boris Mikhailov.
The Canadian export lends her trademark unassuming light-infused style to capture the women who inspire us. She is the photographer behind our New York Member Styles Edit that showcases the result of a unique collaboration between the talented photographer and the talented journalists, artists, designers who embody our brand.
We hope the ease and versatility of Datura captured in 35mm film inspires you.

Blanca Miró Skoudy

Blanca is the face to our last campaign (Atlantida) shot by Wai Lin Tse in Sitges, Barcelona. A part from her natural beauty, charm and elegance, Blanca is one of Spain's most original and upcoming artists. Coming from a very artistic background, Blanca creates a one of a kind universe where her illustrations, comics, sculptures, videos and installations become rare psychic worlds combined with tangible objects both from nature and the digital world; plants, fruits, pottery, ice creams, aliens, computers, phones and the internet ... all synchronize together in perfect harmony. Her work is fun, colorful and kitsch but in depth communicates social concerns regarding sexism, consumer culture and the effects of globalization.The colors, textures and shapes She has been influenced by the post modernism era and admires artists like: David Hockney, Picasso, Miró and other Outsider art Worldwide.

Wai Lin Tse

Our latest Atlantida Campaign was shot by previously fashion designer, now photographer; Wai Lin Tse in Sitges, Barcelona. Her photography is a special one capturing light and presence with a delicate but strong; feminity. Lin has a great cultural mix, her blood splits between Cantonese and Catalonian, born in the UK and raised between England and Spain, she now lives in Barcelona. Her previous work as a fashion designer has educated her eye to capture details in texture and feel of our fabrics and pieces. We love that retouching is not her favorite as it gave every picture the raw and natural beauty Datura is all about. Her portfolio is extensive, our favorite of her collaborations are with Apartamento Magazine, Lula Magazine and brands like Eyty's, Castañer, Oysho, Urban Outfitters

Silja Magg

Selected as one of the top emerging photographers of 2011 by PDN (Photo District News), Icelandic Silja Magg has already demonstrated her considerable talent within the fashion industry. Her editorial pieces, where characters have a certain sincerity while also appearing strong in their attitude, are a true showcase for her professional adroitness. This is one of several reasons why Datura welcomed the opportunity to work with Silja on our new S/S Campaign. We chose a minimalist aesthetic to help us exude feelings of reassurance, comfort and joy innate to the woman of today.

Caroline Corbasson

Datura has collaborated with Caroline Corbasson for the latest prints launched in our Maatmons Collection. We have presented three different prints designed by her and inspired by the geology and nature of Venus. Corbasson’s lifelong admiration of the sky above us led her to the examination and study of astrology, which now serves as the inspiration behind the beautiful yet simple imagery that she created. Even though she is still a relative newcomer on the art scene, her projects are travelling worldwide to collective and solo exhibitions as well as art fairs. Keep track of her constant projects through her website and check out her prints on our sweaters, now available at

Katja Kremenic

Photographer Katja Kremenic created a beautiful editorial piece for Datura. Her story shows the interaction a girl has with the surrounding elements of nature, presenting the earth, wind, sea, sun and moon throughout her shots. After going seeing the images, we could not help but feel nostalgic for the magical Mediterranean summers we spent by the coast and all of its natural splendour and its wildlife. Her photography allows the viewer to feel they too are experiencing this particular aesthetic, which is carefully executed in a documentative way thus staying loyal to reality. See more of Katja’s work on her website and check our Interview with her.

Marc Regas

To date, photographer Marc Regas has worked for a number of the world’s top fashion houses, including Dior, Calvin Klein and Gucci. Having spent years working in London, he then made the move to New York City when he was given the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel.
Marc's strength is his ability to translate what he sees through his lens into images that draw attention to the essence of beauty. His elegant style can be seen throughout Datura's Winter Capsule collections. Minimalism is apparent in Marc's commercial work as well as in his more personal and artistic work that he shares on a daily basis in his photo journal:

Barbara Vidal

While traveling through Barbara Vidal's oneiric scenes, a powerful nostalgia awakens and we experience a magical instant suspended in time. Light is caught within the frame highlighting a sensitive notion of detail that characterizes her photography. Since a very young age she has experimented with a wide variety of tools within photography, always stating a Mediterranean influence and a dominant presence of nature. Her recent collaboration with DATURA, entitled "Comelight", brings a dreamy atmosphere where nature and the human presence unify to give a sensation of comfort.


Multidisciplinary artist, Public Spirit, shows a great capacity to leave us gazing at his drawings. He transports us to the world where anything is possible, where human nature is pure and science has advanced without fear. He uses all media to communicate his thoughts and investigations; as he says, “art is like science”. Simple drawings with deep meanings form his brand Public Spirit, a wide variation of drawings recognizable in the streets of London containing his outlook upon society.