In quarantine with Tara Stiles










 Where in the world are you?

 Brooklyn, New York

Are you currently on lockdown?


Are you alone, or with others?

I’m together with my family, husband Mike and daughter Daisy.

How are you keeping yourself busy, occupied?

We have a lot of dance parties with Daisy, and I’ve been giving a free daily yoga class live on Instagram since the lockdown began.

What are you finding the easiest/most difficult aspects of social distancing, lockdown?

We miss our friends and family a lot. It’s difficult for Daisy not to see her grandparents and cousins and friends. It’s hard for us too but we’ll get through it and we are grateful to have each other.

Do you have any positive thoughts on what’s happening?

Yes, so many. I really feel this is a once in a lifetime opportunity (hopefully) to slow down, and redirect our energy into what we really want. It’s been a massive value and priority check for us.

What new things are you learning during this time?

How to work-life balance with a 3 year old. I haven’t quite got to German lessons yet.

In your opinion - how will this period change our lives in the future?

I have no crystal ball but it feels like we are all having some sort of value check on how we spend our time and energy.

What can we do to help those suffering the most?

It’s so heartwarming to see so much support. We have the 7pm balcony clap here in NYC and there isn’t a dry eye in sight every day. Staying at home and following the guidelines is the most important service we can do for ourselves and our community. I see so many business finding ways to get creative and give back, even when everyone is hit hard and suffering. We launched our Strala clothing line recently and offer a shirt in collaboration with the artist Ceizer. 100% of the profits are going to GARDP. So many people are using their platforms to raise awareness, money and show support.

What could be a new mantra to emerge from this with?

Slow down. Breathe deep. Notice how you feel.


All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg, Reason in a Dark Time by Dale Jamieson, Metahuman by Deepak Chopra


SofiTukker on IG live every day 1pm EST


MasterClass David Sedaris


Everything with garlic


Ginger tea


All the Food 52 Recipes


Daily yoga with folks on my Instagram 8am EST and lots of dance parties with Daisy

Tara's quarantine diary:

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