Director/Illustrator, Victoria Lafaurie was born and grew up in Paris, after a 3 year stint at Les Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg she returned to study for 1 year at Les Beaux Arts and since has firmly established herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the city right now. 

Victoria also has a musical streak, her visual collaborations with band Pappoz led her to contribute songwriting and vocals to a song on their LP, ‘Green Juice’. A close relationship with the band has seen Victoria direct a video for them in Tokyo and it is projects like this, combined with her effervescent Instagram profile that led to Hermès contacting her to shoot a video featuring their iconic scarves using only an iPhone.

The success of this project has led to Victoria shooting further 7 videos for the brand. Always keeping it interesting and ever-changing, Victoria has been singing with Polo & Pan, and making videos for her friend’s brands such as G. Kero. She says, "I have a great family of talented friends. I love the way we help, work for each other all the time”. We do too, Victoria, we do too!

Victoria wears at Passion Red Kimono Dress our Black Ava Dress and later on our Blue Moon Heavy Satin Karate Pants and Night Wool Escape 



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