Originally from Bangladesh, writer and activist, Tasnim Ahmed is a fearless heroine. Her experiences growing up in the Indian Subcontinent have shaped her progressive views and inspired many others to define their own sense of beauty. The concept of ‘what beauty is’, is so readily defined by an all-powerful mainstream and unfortunately its pervasive constraints can confine and corrupt. It’s thanks to the bravery and honesty of people like Tasnim, that we have voices to listen to, learn from, and empathize with as we all search for a world defined by equality and mutual appreciation.

Tasnim has written for and contributed to publications such as Allure, Live Fast Magazine, and Thought Catalog. Ever-committed to honest discourse and a re-orientation of the dated existing framework she decided to launch ‘Journal’, a blog dedicated to telling unique and unheard stories. She is currently preparing to launch her new homepage but you can still access the previously published stories here.

We shot the stunning Tasnim around her local neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, and she wore our Esther Top and Judo Skirt in Ivory Satin and our Dragon Pink Kimono Dress



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