Sophia Haas has been practicing Early Child Educator in New York for 11 years now, all while continuing her personal evolution as a multi-disciplinary artist. Born in the Philippines, then raised in New York, Sophia now lives in Brooklyn with her husband Daniel, who is a children’s book illustrator, and their dog Ronni.

Sophia’s life has always involved being creative and she has enjoyed producing work on many mediums from the theater where she acted, directed, and produced various experimental works, to marbling work with paper, collage, and illustration using unusual natural materials such as flowers, plants, and even food scraps.

Sophia’s passion for crafting art and sensory experiences for young children has turned into something incredibly meaningful for her own processes. As the students explore color, line, form, and patterns using their senses and materials to guide them, it sparks curiosities of her own as well as the general wonder that comes from experiencing such young minds interact and develop in a sensory way. "I care deeply about the social emotional development of young children and I'm inspired by their natural curiosity in the world” she says. 

Sophia also teaches art workshops for adults as well as kids enjoys collaborating with non-profit organizations in "the hope that these creative experiences can uplift and inspire individuals and communities.”

We shot Sophia in her neighborhood Prospect Park in Brooklyn where she wears  wears The Gold Amber Ava Dress, The Caoba Wool Escape Coat and The Gold Amber Esther Top.



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