An ambassador of French effortless-chic, Sabina Socol is a writer born in Paris. Previously working for the L'Officiel as a social editor, Sabina is now considered as a true social strategist with 150K followers on Instagram. "It all started with a Skyblog in high school, which worked really well", Sabina told Datura, after that she changed to MySpace and Blogspot, a period in which she became fan of film photograhy.

When instagram arrived, she naturally embraced it with total success, knowing what works perfectly for her. Sabina is currently collaborating with WhoWhatWear, writing a monthly column sharing her fashion expertise and perspective on parisian style. 

Having worked with brands and publications such as Man Repeller, RealisationPar, &OtherStories and Sessùn, she effortlessly exudes her essence and natural style.

We shot Sabina at the Palais Royal de Paris where she wears our Ash Grey Wool Ren Jumpsuit and our Ruby Red Satin Silk Ava Dress.




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