Panteha Abareshi is an artist whose work depicts the most badass, honest, and contemplative women we think we've ever seen, and at 17 years old - yes we said 17 - Panteha's talent far exceeds her years. Born to Iranian and Jamaican parents, Panteha grew up in Tucson, Arizona where she began exploring illustration which over the years has developed into her own inimitable style.

Recently featured as the subject of Kelsey and Rémy Bennet's documentary premiered on Teen Vogue, 'The Girl Who Loves Roses' Panteha shares an unflinching, raw, and invaluable insight into her process, inspirations, and the reasons behind these most powerful works of art. A core subject of the pieces is the duality of the rose, a pristine effigy of natural beauty juxtaposed with the power to make a person bleed. This manifests itself in striking depictions of empowered goddesses, questioning mortality, oppression, and existentialism in all their gory glory. We urge you to keep an very close eye on Panteha and her work, this inspiring and thought provoking artist is on the up and she's only just getting started. 

We shot stunning Panteha on the streets of Chinatown close to her latest exhibition at Larrie. She wears our Golden Amber Satin Slip Top & Judo Pants, and our classic Passion Red Kimono Dress.

Watch: 'The Girl Who Loves Roses'




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