Mélody Thomas, is a digital fashion writer for Marie Claire France, and her writing aims to educate in both established ready-to-wear collections and young designers under the prism of pop culture and identities. As a freelancer, her work has been featured in L’Officiel Paris, Citizen K, Jalouse, Les Inrocks, Dull magazine, L’Express Styles, to name a few. 

When not helping keep us all up to date on the best in contemporary fashion, she work as a copywriter and translator for brands and uses her expertise to help them address their clients or the press. She is also one of the two curators of What's Good ?!, a pop culture newsletter with an inclusive insight.

Since fall 2018, Melody has co-taught a course called "Fashion & actualities" at L'École de la Chambre Syndicale (now part of L'Institut Français de la Mode) with fellow journalist and friend Alice Pfeiffer. The education course focuses on the different challenges fashion is facing nowadays, from cultural appropriation, to the new definition of gender, and sustainability too. 

Melody lives in Paris but  often gives in to her deep affection for Italy where she escapes to at every opportunity. She also loves Italian cinema and food, is always reading a few books at a time, and can't stop herself from buying fashion and art magazines!

We shot Melody at Les Grands Voisins in the 14th arrondissement. A multidisciplinary space where you can find restaurants, boutiques, co working spaces, kid areas, art galleries and artisanal activities. 

She wears our Heavy Linen Trench Coat and our Citron Kimono Robe Dress.





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