Lexie Smith's life thus far has been one centered around travel, literary and artistic exploration whilst amassing neverending to-do lists filled with new and exciting ideas to put into action. Whether the idea involves spending weeks alone on a jungle coastline tending a wood burning oven or spoiling us with her delicious baked goods at various NYC hot-spots she is constantly moving and looking to learn from everything she experiences. Currently sharing a living space/studio with her boyfriend (a wood carving devotee), Lexie draws, carves, and plots and plans for her next steps into the future where we know we'll find her making, baking, and irrepressibly creating.

We shot Lexie at home in Bushwick where she taught us some of her recent baking processes and let us taste some of her heavenly sourdough bread. Lexie wears our Ren Jumpsuit and Knot Top both in White Linen and our Rust Kimono Coat in a Cashmere Wool blend.




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