Krissy Jones is one of New York City’s most respected yoga teachers and her approach has earned her many devoted fans. Originally from Indiana, Krissy’s exploration of the mind/body connection started early. 

After taking dancing up at a young age, she then studied exercise science at college before heading to New York to start her yoga teacher training. In 2015, Sky Ting Yoga was born, on the premise that the city needed a different kind of studio space, one that was well designed and non-dogmatic. 

With this in mind, Krissy, along with her partner, Chloe Kernaghan, created a clean, beautiful, classic and fun space. With a whole team of teachers, there is a lot of diversity on offer at the studio and Krissy’s signature style is a mixture of Vinyasa, Katonah, and Pranayama, dedicated but deconstructed, focused on form through yoga and dance. Her teachings aim to pull the best information from each and blend them to create a rich practice full of cross-references to provide her students with great exercise enriched with knowledge and insight. Krissy and Sky Ting’s achievements are no secret, and when she’s not teaching at the studio, you can find her collaborating with Nike NYC promoting mindfulness and of course - her yoga! 

We shot Krissy at the Tribeca Sky Ting Yoga studio where she wears the Gold Amber Kaftan Dress in satin and the our Citron Set - Slip Top Judo Pants also in silk satin.




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