Fay is a French-Algerian stylist and model whose transient childhood has come to define her passions and inspiration.

Now 25, she had lived in 14 different places before her 17th birthday. Born to traveling Doctor parents, Fay experienced a fascinating menage of cultural perspectives from the South of France to Guadeloupe. All this moving at such a young age created an outlook comfortable with change and not becoming too attached to the status quo.

Fay studied at fashion school L'Istituto Marangoni in Paris, and it was there when she was street-scouted for the first time. She recalls, “That day I was wearing big green circle contact lenses. I used to love experimenting with fun Korean colored contacted at that time and was dressed in a very, very baggy man coat and jeans, so props to her for scanning through those layers!” Fay subsequently signed with Ford models and a period of continuous castings battled with her school timetable. After graduating, switching model agencies, and moving in with her boyfriend Fay now works full-time as a stylist and is loving it. Managing her calendar and ensuring she can be free to express herself creatively, Fay fuses her passion for people, costume (acquired at fashion school), and jazz to create her unique style.

Look out for 
Clapotis (her bunny) in the pictures “When I'm at home I love talking to him, he can be ungrateful yet adorable and cuddly at the same time. He reminds me of humans.” 

We photographed Fay at her apartment in Paris wearing the Terra Wool Trench Coat and matching Terra Wool Judo Pants and the Ruby Red Satin Ava Dress.





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