Clémentine was born and raised in France. Now living in New York, she works as a model and loves photography, writing, styling, and cooking. 

Influenced by creative forces from a very young age, Clem cites the fashion world as an inspiration just as much as the food cooked by her grandmother in the South of France. To this day, she enriches the passion that her grandma passed on and loves cooking as a means of sharing happiness with the people she loves.

After going to school in France and earning a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing, Clem decided that the idea of starting an adventurous life in the USA was much more appealing to her than working in marketing mogul in some Parisian office. She said goodbye to her home and left for sunny Miami to live her version of the American Dream. Soon after moving, Clem signed her first modeling contract and later moved to New York where she works for various international clients and continues to pursue the adventurous life she always craved.

Apart from modeling, Clem founded Les Mijotes, a creative agency that provides art direction, production, video and photo. Not only that, but she has also founded All Womxn Project, a movement which we love. Representing all women in their diverse and beautiful forms, they believe that size, age, ability, gender identification or ethnicity does not and should not limit any of us as women. We should all be represented in fashion and the media, and empower everyone to feel positive and confident, regardless of what they look like or who they are. 
By highlighting the voices that have struggled to be heard and educating girls to be confident, they promote their message in high schools, colleges and local groups worldwide.

We shot Clem at The Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg in Brooklyn wearing our Dragon Pink Kimono Dress, The White Linen Lola Shirt and The Terra Trench Coat.

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