Originally from Mallorca, Claire O’Keefe's work is imbued with the island’s aesthetic. Nature and the sea have always been present in her life, and it’s clear to see the island’s landscape permeate thematically, and literally, through her projects’ various incarnations.

With skills and experience across many disciplines, collaborations and development of new projects is a constant process. Whether working alone or as part of a collective, Claire’s ability to honor each particular project’s dogma allows her to collaborate and chameleonize, creating a diverse output that is always nothing short of revelatory.

After years working as a photographer, stylist, and designer, Claire's entrepreneurial side began to flourish. In 2016 she launched ephemeral jewelry brand, Keef Palas with partner Eugenia Oliva, a project borne of a conceptual rejection of ‘fast-fashion’ and it’s cheap and ethically abhorrent values contrasted by a love of nature and essence. By creating perishable pieces of jewelry that exhibit often overlooked examples of natural beauty (such as chilis, leaves, flowers, and even shallots!), Claire and Eugenia stumbled upon the aptly and wryly coined, ‘fast-luxury’ concept. Keef Palas’ pieces make a statement about human waste as much as they create stunning and creative pieces and it's deft, daring, and original artists like Claire who engage and inspire us here at Datura - and of course, we love a Mallorcan girl too! ;-)

We shot Claire at The MACBA in Barcelona where she wears the Polka Silk Anna Dress and Short Kimono.




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