Caroline Ventura is a renaissance woman passionately exploring a seemingly infinite spectrum of creative avenues. Inspired by all things beautiful, Caroline inspires us with her wondrous output. The designs for her jewelry brand BRVTVS are delicate but strong, subtle, and evocative - much like herself and all of our Member Styles! When she’s not working on the jewelry you’ll find Caroline modeling, creating bespoke experiences for New Yorkers to enjoy (from flower arranging to learning to DJ!) and in her furniture and design store, Calliope, which is located beneath the West Village apartment she shares with her husband, Michael and their dog Darryl. 

We shot Caroline at her lovely apartment and around the West Village, her neighbourhood wearing our new warm Bone Wool Karate Pants and our Camel Wool Trench Futura Coat and later on our Blue Moon Satin Ava Dress and our Ash Grey Wool Escape Coat.



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