Carmen Ruiz
de Huidobro


If you are a passionate about travel experiences, design, and the artisanal heritage of Spain you might know Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro, founder of Españolita.

After graduating from an international Business degree, Carmen studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. During these years Carmen worked as an assistant art director and set designer on films, music videos, and commercials for directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley and Tony Scott, Milos Forman, Michel Gondry and Paul Thomas Anderson, amongst others.

Carmen´s life is full of international experiences. She lived in New York and later moved to Los Angeles, where she and her husband started a family. It wasn’t until two years ago that she felt the urge to settle back in Spain. Now they live in a small village surrounded by countryside in Mallorca.

Españolita was born in 2015 as a ‘Gourmet Spanish’ food company/online business documenting her meetings with Spanish creatives around the world. Today it has become a directory of unique travel experiences through food, artisans and soulful places. As Carmen says:

“Españolita was born to spread my love for Spain. I wanted to explore with others the cultural peculiarities that make my country so unique. It is a project following my curiosity, but also deeper emotions. The search for the roots and history, methodologies honouring the past, and dedicated craftsmen doing things sustainably and slow.”

An Españolita traveller is a curious and open-hearted traveller who enjoys life´s simple pleasures.

Españolita retreats focus on offering travellers the chance to discover unique places around Spain and introducing Spanish culture through shared experiences focused on authentic local food, secret spots and local culture and artisans.

We met Carmen at her beautiful house in the middle of the Island of Mallorca where she was wearing our two classic sets, first the Oro Silk Velvet Ren Blouse and matching Judo Pants and then our new Burgundy Cotton Stripes Ren Shirt and matching Judo Pants








Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro


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