Actress, model, and freelance journalist Birte Carolin, currently lives in Paris. Originally from South Germany, her journey began when she moved to Milan to work as an Au Pair - because she always wanted to learn Italian.

While living and working in Italy, she was discovered and began to work as a model. Always knowing that one day she wanted to further her education, Birte was accepted to the Sorbonne, Paris, where she studied comparative literature and philosophy. 

Her academic thirst unquenched, she later gained a PhD for her writing on Goethe in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilian University. During this time, she pursued a career as an actress. “I starred in quite a bit for ARTE etc. even playing in Spanish in a German-Spanish Coproduction”.

Nowadays, Birte’s still acting and modeling, while also writing as a freelance journalist for German Faz, Die Zeit Zeit, and Vogue, amongst others.

We spent the early evening in her neighborhood, the  6th arrondissement, outside one of her favorite spots: The Shakespeare & Company Bookshop.

She wrapped up wearing the Terra Wool Trench Coat & our Olive Green Silk Ren Jumpsuit and later on the Empyrean Blue Linen Ren Jumpsuit.









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