Bianca Lee Vasquez is a performance artist using photography, video and installation to document her ‘Earthbody' work in nature. Born in Miami with cuban-ecuadorian origins she is now based in Paris where she works and lives with her husband and two children.

Earthbody, Bianca’s practice is a cross between land art and body art. She uses her body as a medium to express the deep connection between human beings and nature, drawing inspiration from ancient Mesoamerican and Inca rituals. 

We shot Bianca in her stunning Apartment which she designed herself, (it was the old fabric factory of the Maison Pierre Frey) located on Rue Sainte Anne.

"To me human body and its movements are the most beautiful and harmonious physical expressions of the universe" -BLV

 We find Bianca and her work incredibly alluring and she really inspires us connect deeply with our surroundings. When we understand and engage with environment as an extension of ourselves, we’ll probably begin to start taking better care of it. 

Bianca wears the Ruby Red Slip Dress in Satin Silk and the Ren Shirt and Karate Pants in Bone Wool.



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