Currently living and working in Paris, Andrea Illan is a Spanish photographer specializing in photography and audiovisuals. After studying in Stockholm she moved to New York to continue developing her skills at the International Center of Photography.

Working exclusively with film, Andrea enjoys a process more tangible than digital, “Even though the creation process can be slower and more expensive, i like the romantic side of waiting for the final result"

Look deep into her photography stories and one can appreciate the intriguing, silent and cold images loaded with messages that invite the viewer to imagine the themes and worlds embedded within.

Most of her work is related to trips and foreign places and she finds inspiration from any circumstance. Whether the light, the atmosphere, or a chance happening, Andrea transforms common places that become unique when captured through her lens at that exact moment in time.

Check out her stories 'Strangers Through The West', 'Silver Sands', 'Any Given Bornholm', 'Cancun', and 'Cuba'.

We caught up with Andrea at her beautiful apartment during our Paris Pop-Up and shot her wearing our Black Silk Ava Dress and Black Silk Knot Top with Blue Moon Heavy Satin Karate Pants.



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