Alma Lopez lives on the Island of Mallorca, where she grew up. Currently based in Santa Catalina, a historic fishermen's district in Palma now famous for its food market and good restaurants.

Alma has a degree in Criminal Law, and whilst also modeling for 20 years, she lived in London for a few years where her adventure as a creative and self-taught career as a jewelry designer started. 

She began designing a few pieces for Paul and Joe, and soon after started her own jewelry/ accessories brand named ‘La Morenita’. She created her star piece that was the 'Abanico Joya' - (Jewel fan-necklace) the fusion of the Spanish artisan fan and a necklace, which became very popular nationally and internationally with Spanish celebrities. Both her parents come from Granada in Andalusia, so her passion for Flamenco and her south of Spain roots play a big part in her designs. 

Mother of two little boys, she loves the Santa Catalina light, she’s a lover of vermouth and visiting the neighborhood market every morning opposite her house.

We captured Almas natural elegance at her atelier, home and neighborhood wearing the Terra Wool Trench Coat and the Terra Wool A-Skirt and later on the Sand Cashmere Wool Blazer and matching Sand Cashmere Judo Pants.






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