Alice comes from a long line of furniture designers, she was raised with an appreciation for detail and an eye for aesthetics. After a degree from London’s prestigious Slade School of Fine Art, she begun a career dealing antiques.

Alice has sourced and dealt rare textiles, artworks and other artefacts from every corner of the earth. An example of which would be the Inuit Parker she sourced from California which is now on display at the British Museum. Or the years she spent picking through rag yards in northern France collecting rare pieces of clothing, many of which were sold to the archives of The Vintage Showroom in London and RRL in New York.

After years spent on the road raising her daughter in a converted horse lorry, Alice now calls Mallorca home. She was drawn to the island for its diverse landscape and rich cultural history. Recent local projects include sourcing antique textiles for clothing local designers to use in their collections, and finding decorative pieces for a new members club called Làlia set to open later this year in the heart of Palma.

Alice is used to acquiring things and then letting them go. Her home is constantly evolving, with objects and furniture arriving and departing with every week. There’s so far only one object she hasn’t been able to say goodbye to in the last decade and that is an Inuit whale bone bench, excavated from an ice rink in Holland. (you have a photo of the bench)

Perhaps as a result of her years spent working the markets, Alice’s favourite part of her job is the people. She works in a Hansel and Gretel, follow the breadcrumbs sort of way. In order to preserve the true essence of those people and her word of mouth way of working, she has kept her business offline.

Alice Gomme wears at her beautiful home in Sineu, Mallorca the Phoenicia Heavy Linen Ren Jumpsuit. Later on she wears the Night Blue Wool Blazer, with the matching Night Blue Wool Judo Pants in an Italian Premium Wool.









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