van Iterson



Born in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Albertine F van Iterson is an interdisciplinary creative, founder of She She, and freelance creative director.

Albertine has grown up surrounded by artists, her mother studied fine arts before her, while her father is her favourite writer. In addition, her sisters and brother have also inherited their artistic talents.

After finishing her studies and many internships in various galleries, Albertine began her product design project. Her inspiration focused on light and how to project it. The result is a series of stunning lamps in which the form beautifully followed the material.

Albertine is a woman who takes advantage of every experience and learns from it. She takes risks and dares to change. Currently living between Berlin and Deia, she works in a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Berlin specializing in concept creation, art direction, brand experience and spatial design.

In Deia, She She retreats has been born. A unique combination of yoga, exercise, wellness, enjoying nature, authentic travel, healthy food and, above all, having a good time in the Tramuntana mountains.

The experience on offer is a unique investment in yourself and you return home feeling lighter, restored and stronger.

Albertine wears in the monastery of Son Rullan in Deia (where she hosts She She Retreats), the Cotton Stripes Lola Shirt and matching Judo Pants and later on the White Linen Ren Jumpsuit.










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