When I started Datura, the original brand-concept was a timeless wardrobe comprising of pieces that could be layered in multiple ways, exclusively made from natural fabrics. I didn't want to engage with fashion-concepts such as 'old' and 'new’ collections, or 'past’ styles. Every piece was thought of as unique. Something that would always remain a part the brand - becoming a classic, and timeless piece. 

 During the involuntary and convalescent daze of the pandemic, I returned to my roots. With little team available and a smaller collection that I was planning for, we came together and did exactly what was always planned, showcasing a selection of my favorite Datura pieces.  In a time where we have to re-invent ourselves and re-define how we feel about the things we own -  time, love and nature are the winning cards.





Photographer // @marcregasphoto
Model & Stylist // @juliasanchismeseguer






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