Terra II

Every piece in this second edition of our Terra collection is hand-made on the Island and therefore, unique. The fabric has been woven and dyed by the ancient looms of Es Pla de Mallorca in the centre of the Island. These fabrics take a long time to be made and can take up to a year to produce just a small amount of meters. After woven, each batch of fabric has been washed in fresh water from the mountains in different corners of the Island, then dried under the moon and sun for days - bathing in the energy of each of them. Every pattern has been cut one by one and hand-sewn. Buttons are vintage mother of pearl and have been found in markets around the world. All pieces sewn with Silk thread using only the finest trimmings. The result is an exquisite and unique piece. Delicate, but forever.

Limited Edition. These styles will be shipping from Mallorca, please be patience as they can take a few days longer than unusual to arrive to your doorstep. 

Terra is a project of love, connection, collaboration and unity. Thank you to everyone that collaborated in the process of making this beautiful project happen, from the weaving to the washing, to the making, to the expression of it as a whole. 




Photographer // Andrea Illan
Models // Dalad Kambhu and Mio del Negro
Styling & Creative Direction // Stefania Borras








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