With the realization we exist as just a moment in time, Terra seeks to connect with the inescapable truths. The roots that grew trees before us, the threads that wove stories long before we knew we were here. Mallorca’s illustrious history in fabric production and design inspires this first chapter in a never-ending story of gratitude, respect and surrender. To be Continued ...

Every piece in this first Terra collection is hand-made on the Island and therefore, unique. The fabric has been woven and dyed by ancient looms in Es Pla de Mallorca in the centre of the Island. These fabrics take a long time to be made and can take up to a year to produce just a small amount of meters. After woven, each batch of fabric has been washed in fresh water from the mountains in different corners of the Island, then dried under the moon and sun for days - collecting the energy from each of them. Every pattern has been cut one by one and hand-sewn with a lot of attention and love to detail. Buttons are vintage mother of pearl and have been found in markets around the world. All pieces sewn with Silk thread using only the finest trimmings. The result is an exquisite and unique piece. Delicate, but forever.

Terra will be an ongoing collection of unique pieces, similar to our timeless Datura collections - with the difference that these will be limited edition, and they will never be available the same way again.

This collection #1 Terra was shot by Raquel Franco, Models Adam Grunfeld & Oriane Deschamps, HMU Carla Abrams. All shot at the beautiful finca of Son Rullan. Special thanks to Annie Grunfeld






Photographer // @RaquelFranco
Models // @AdamGrunfeld & @OrianedelosCampos
HMU// @CarlaAbrams
Location// @SonRu






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